Friday, July 20, 2007

God's Fingerprints - part four

Here are parts one, two , and three if interested...

I came home walking on cloud nine! Isn't God great! Good grief! They were suggesting an hourly rate that was TWICE what I made my last year teaching and $3/hr more than DaHubby makes as an engineer with nearly 15 years experience! For technical writing and proofreading! Full time! Short term contract - only 6 months! Could it have been ANY more perfect!?

I was home about two hours and the phone rang. It was the original Sister I had offered to help with her maternity leave. She called to tell me that I should be hearing from Whirlpool HR shortly.

"Wow, I just talked to Aerotek this morning. That was fast!" I chuckled.

Silence on the other end of the phone. She didn't know to what I was referring. She was calling to tell me that there was a SECOND once-in-a-blue-moon position...for a trainer! And, I had a teaching degree!

I was praising God on the sidewalk out in front of my house! Yea, God!

DaHubby and I went to bed that night with dreams of an second paycheck dancing in our heads. This 6 month contract would get us almost entirely out of debt with the exception of the house and van! I laid in bed that night making mental notes about solutions for day care/preschool for the Vikings, did I have non-mommy clothes that even fit anymore, etc.

I struggled for several days (which seems silly now) with whether this was God's will. Or, was this a "distraction" and temptation to relieve our financial strain from the devil dressed up as answered prayer to get me out of the house?

So, the rest of that week passed...

The following week was the holiday week. Found out that it was hard for a big corporation like that to get much done with half its staff taking Monday and Tuesday off and the other half taking Thursday and Friday! *wink* Meanwhile, DaHubby and I are sharing our story about God's providing power to everyone we know - despite having received an email during this week that indicated that Whirlpool was taking an internal applicant for the trainer position.

The THIRD week started and FINALLY Aerotek called to arrange the second interview...which was this past Monday. I was to speak with the supervisor that I would be directly under and her supervisor as well.

That interview, as was the case before, was covered in prayer: mine, DaHubby's, both our families, church family, blog family, you name it. We had everyone and anyone lifting this up to God.

I had been very upfront about my lack of "technical" experience but they seemed very happy with my teaching experience, my secondary language arts certification, and personal writing and computer experience. And, they surprised me by saying that there were actually TWO positions open and that they had other candidates to interview. Things seemed to go so well - including a discussion about a piece of Bible software that shows an original translation in Greek! LOL

Despite my initial nervousness, I came out feeling that God's fingerprints were all over this meeting as well and began seriously calling around and making arrangements for the Vikings.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the next part! Have a great weekend.

Debbie said...

okay.....great cliffhanger!! lol