Friday, July 20, 2007

I Love a Good Clearance Sale!

Was poking around through PayPerPost and saw an opportunity to talk about coupon codes and getting good deals online. As a complete sucker for all things clearance and on sale, I did some further investigation! LOL

Through this site,, you can find a small variety of coupon codes, deals, and online coupons like other sites. But, look at this DEAL I found!!

One of deals right now is with TimeLife. Not normally a merchant I jump up and down about. *wink* Aren't they the ones that get all the old, washed-up rock singers and Brady Bunch stars to wax nostalgic for the 70's? LOL But, my subscription for Time magazine is up for renewal so I thought I'd see if there were any subscription discounts to be had.

Time Life's clearance rack right now includes Cedarmont Kids DVD's for $4.99
! Wow! My longtime fave for low-cost Christian anything is usually Christian Book Distributors but even THEIR sale price for some Cedarmont stuff is running around $8.99 for the same DVD.

Apparently, is updated daily - it even has an RSS feed! LOL Not THAT'S frugal-ness at an extreme! LOL

So, if you are interested in Cedarmont stuff or maybe Raffi or "100 Classics for Kids," go check out for their links to some great deals!


Christina said...

Hey Beth,

I'm pretty sure that Walmart has Cedermont Kids CDs (and probably DVDs) in the kids section. I think they might be over in with the toys. I believe that's where I found a CD for Emily that happened to be by them and I think it was around the same price. Just thought I'd pass that along. I could be completely off my rocker though, but I think I'm remembering correctly.

Dapoppins said...

Sounds like a deal!

Anonymous said...

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