Monday, July 30, 2007

Pass The Torch - a little early

Pojke's chatting up a stuffed animal in his crib. Flicka is still sawin' logs in her tent- don't ask! LOL And, I know Pass The Torch Tuesday isn't 'til tomorrow but I wanted to jot this down today before I forget.

Flicka has becoming "me" more and more in the last 2 weeks or so. "Cooking" in her kitchen, pushing her babies in a stroller, feeding them, even "nursing" them (good grief!)! LOL She walks around the house with a purse stuffed with treasures, carrying a baby doll, a pad of paper, and a pen and tells me, "I'll be right back, Momma, I'm goin' to the store. You need anything?"

But, she absolutely side-swiped my heart the other evening as we did our nightly "snuggle" before bedtime. This precious 5-10 minutes is spent in the normally uninteresting place of Mom and Dad's bed. (Having unintentionally "conditioned" her that snuggling there means nap time or bedtime, we get few unannounced visits since that would mean Flicka would actually *want* to go to bed! LOL)

Anyway, she had brought her baby doll and was "rocking" it as I read her a story. As I finished one book and reached for another, Flicka begins singing softly. It took me a second to catch it but, hey, for a 3-year-old, she has a pretty good sense of tune! *wink* Must have got THAT from her father! LOL

I paused as she seemed engrossed, whispering this song in her dolly's ear...and it hit me. I hear her sweet no-longer-toddler-but-ready-for-preschool voice singing...

" make me happy...when sky is much I love you..."

*sniff, sniff*

"Baby, do you know that's the song Momma used to sing to you when YOU were a baby?"

"yep, that's where I learnt it."

"Baby, you're gonna be a great momma some day."

"I know."


Stop by Kelly's today and see what other torches are being passed.


Debbie said...

Awwwww......this is toooo precious!! I hope you are putting this one in her memory book.....

And yet another example of how much our children will follow our actions. Keeps us Christ-like, doesn't it? *smile*

Kelly - PTT said...

OHHHH, how sweet! I'm so glad you share these touching moments with us. Just think all the good stuff you've passed along...

Thanks for joining us again for PTT!