Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Three Prayer Requests

The first has been in the back of mind and I've been meaning to post about i...if you feel led please continue to lift up prayers for our elder. God is working already in this situation and Brother K continues to be an inspiration to us all.

We finally got in to see him (many, many visitors yet we've all been restricted to certain narrow visiting hours so he has MAXIMUM time in rehab). His back incision has 22 staples! And, while he has regained nearly 100% of his feeling in his legs, his feet are still not 100% yet. And, non-working feet making working legs pretty useless - so to speak.

Second, we've hit a bit of a rut around here in our good financial attitude! LOL Just like when you start a new diet and about 8-10 weeks after wonderful initial progress, you start telling yourself you don't have to be so strict anymore? Well, this is the financial equivalent! LOL DaHubby and I are finding ourselves justifying this and that - small things with the phrase "well, we'll just take a few bucks out of the emergency fun", that kind of thing. *sigh* So, pray for renewed strength.

Lastly, DaHubby got a call this morning that we have had a death in our extended family: DaHubby's sister's mother-in-law. We are all closer than it may sound. LOL We've all attended church together, shared meals and holidays, that kind of thing. She fell while shopping at our local Meijer's last week, broke a hip, went in to our local regional hospital for the surgery, came through with flying colors, and had been transferred to an outside facility for the remainder of her healing. We're still unclear on what happened. The last thing we heard was that she was doing well and her prognosis was great. Yet, she met the Lord last night at the nursing home.

Your prayers are coveted and appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Definitely praying. ((Big Hugs))

jen said...

Continuing to pray for your elder

also praying for you re the $$

Im sori to hear about the relative