Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday

...the Vikings' technology edition! *wink* I don't know if this is a good thing we should be passing down or not but it is funny nonetheless! LOL

Background: DaHubby generally calls home as he leaves work and we chat while he drives home and I finish up dinner or cleaning up or whatever. Better to chat then than try to talk to each other over wrangling the Vikings
through dinner at this point!

Anyway, this particular evening DaHubby worked really late to avoid having to work a half day on Saturday. The Vikings had already eaten and I needed to warm up something quick for DaHubby to eat. And, Flicka insisted on talking to DaHubby during his drive home. So, I put my Bluetooth earpiece (which I use to make all those in-the-car calls and it also allows me to change diapers, wash dishes, rotate laundry while on the phone at home! LOL) on her. And, then she grabbed her Disney play cell phone. And, this is what I got...

(photo removed for safety concerns)

Not only did she talk to Daddy the whole 20 minutes but she paced back and forth through the house just as DaHubby and I do when we are on the phone! We can't sit still either! LOL

So, stop by
Kelly's place today for more (hopefully more mature! *wink*) folks passing the torch.


Kelly - PTT said...

How cute is she!!! She emulates your every move, doesn't she? Very cute. And she's learning about how to keep communication in the family, isn't she;)

How do you like your Bluetooth? do you have to pay a monthly fee to have that function? Or is it just the cost of the device itself?

Thanks for joining us for PTT, Beth!

GiBee said...

What an adorable picture ... one for the memory books!