Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lisa - here me roar! *wink*

I've been poking fun at Lisa for all her awesome and great frugal deals she's been getting lately. So, in the interest of friendly competition frugal fellowship (*wink*), here a few deals I grabbed up this week:


Palmolive dish soap: reg $1.89? I paid .59!
Always "girl stuff": reg $3.69? I paid $2.17
Bounty paper towel: reg $1.99? I paid $1.25 (I *really* like the plain white select-a-size! LOL)
Two packs batteries: reg $7.98? I paid $2!

The whole trip: reg $17.68? I paid $8.52

And, at a local grocery store whose name you probably won't recognize unless you're in Michiana (that's us down by the Michigan-Indiana border! LOL)

Minute Rice: reg $1.99? I paid .89

The whole trip: reg $15? I paid $7.50

This has really turned into a bit a game lately! LOL With the only downside of dragging the Vikings on some extra errands since I'm not using too much extra gas since fortunately nearly all these places are lumped in one area!

So, excuse me, I have to go get the Vikings ready to go to Target where I'll be buying several boxes of Stove Top Stuffing for .27 EACH! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

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