Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PTT Tuesday: I've been replaced LOL

No cute picture to go with this one. Just one of those moments that freeze in time. When you realize just how fast they are growing. And, that maybe...just maybe...you are doing something right. You may just be building and encouraging enough love between them that it will survive despite all the recent and seemingly constant sibling struggles.

First, in a desperate negotiation to get Momma to take them to Dairy Queen yesterday (which has a really cool inside play area), Flicka suggests that first we should go home and have lunch THEN Momma can take us. She also agrees to use her recently started "commission" (aka allowance) to buy her own kiddie scoop/bowl of ice cream (swirled with sprinkles and a face, please!) Not only that but she agrees to buy one for Pojke as well! LOL

Then, after we've arrived, ice creams have been acquired, bites have been tasted and it's off to play. I hastily holler to Flicka - remember to take your shoes off! I turn to de-shoe Pojke and he refuses.

Preparing for a mini-battle with him, he instead says "no Momma, want _____" He promptly walks over to where Flicka has begun playing, taps her on the shoulder, and lifts his foot to have HER take his shoes off!

I hold my breath...hoping she'll not do something recently typical like running screaming in the other direction or knocking him over as he tries to keep his 22-month body balanced on one foot.

And, my heart melts.

She says "What, _____? Oh, you need your shoes off? Let me do it."

He smiles...holds still...then switches feet for her...she puts his shoes in the cubby next to hers...and off they go.

*sniff, sniff*

Stop by here today for other Pass The Torch moments and make sure to wish Kelly's daughter a happy birthday! I'll still be here wiping my eyes and sniffling.

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Kelly - PTT said...

What a little gem she is! A mommy in the making;))