Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Flicka's Future Photography Fun

I read in our local paper yesterday that the consumer market for digital cameras is saturated. According to Ritz Camera, they were the #1 requested electronics gift for the 2006 holiday season. So, what's an industry to do? Let the marketing begin to a new demographic: kids! LOL

Apparently, as my mom was packing it up to leave Saturday after a visit, Flicka and she were discussing the next time we'd see them - around Christmas. And, Flicka (in a typical three-year-old fashion) suddenly burst out with the fact that she's wants a camera of her own.

Now, I've mentioned here before Flicka's seeming obsession with our camera. I've even posted a few of her masterpieces for Wordless Wednesday. I also entered her in a contest for photos from a kid's perspective. So, it has been established that she has an eye like her daddy for a good shot.

So, my mom (being the excellent grandma she is) promptly goes home, goes through the Sunday advertisements, and finds three kid cameras on sale this week! LOL (I come by frugal shopping naturally!) She calls and asks which one do we think would work best. Included in her list is one of these digital cameras from Ritz.

Talk about the marketing folks earning their keep! Even the front lens area of the Disney camera looks like Mickey! LOL

So, DaHubby and I hashed things out over the specs of each one and, yes, Flicka will be receiving her very own camera some time in the next 30 days! LOL

Hey, someone is gonna have to be responsible for taking all the photos of the future! *wink* And, some day if she keeps it up I may actually show up in a few family photos since I won't always be the only behind the camera anymore!


Christina said...

I think Emily will also be getting a camera this year. She too, is obsessed with my camera and rather than have her break mine, grandma and grandpa are going to buy her either the Fisher Price Kid Tough digital camera or the V-Tech version. I like the Disney one you linked to, but I don't know if it would hold up to Miss Em!

How are you otherwise?


Debbie said...

OH I can't wait to see more of Flicka's work!! She is going to love it!