Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another homeschooling peek

To be honest, we've been in a bit of a slump. Trying to stay "on schedule" has been harder than I planned once the initial "glow" wore off! LOL But, I just got "back to basics" and cut back on my expectations (in a good way) and we're doing great! So, today....

My kitchen wall before:

My hallway/bedroom wall before:

So, first we read "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" that we're using as part of the BFIAR curriculum. Then, I sent Flicka on her own "hunt": for 12 diamond shapes each with a letter A through L on it! She had to find all of them in the hallway and three bedrooms and bring them back to the kitchen. Even Pojke got in on the excitement! LOL Seven down, 5 to go, he says!

After acquiring all 12, Flicka had to put them in order:

Then, to practice counting, I printed out 17 (the number of the day) pieces of clipart featuring houses. (Our unit from KidSparks in currently on families and homes.)

We then read The House From Morning To Night by Daniele Bour and Mobile Homes by Graham Rickard. Then, speaking of "mobile homes," Flicka's Papa D is a truck driver and has been sending postcards from all the states he visits. So we talked about how not only do people live in different types of house but that they live in different places too! And, we did the following:

As far as I can tell, fun was had by all. Not a bad way to spend 40 minutes! LOL


Pam said...

Bravo! Great job. They looked quite pleased with themselves and your darling boy is all about learning -- the fun way!

sara said...


janice said...

All that in only 40 minutes!

Very impressive.

I wish you had taught my son, LOL!
Keep up the (hard) great work.