Monday, October 29, 2007

A Mopey Monday

...recuperating from our weekend. Have ya ever seen a more pitiful pair of worn out kids? LOL Morning mind-numbing PBS re-runs! *wink*

Then, a long walk, a nap for Pojke, schoolin' for Flicka, now we're prepping for DaHubby's arrival home for dinner.

Also have a prayer request -
one of our elders (who happened to be our real estate agent for this house) fell from the top of a ladder while cleaning the gutters of his house last night. There are 2 confirmed cracked vertabrae that have now been reinforced with steel rods but one crushed vertebrae that they haven't been able to do much about yet. There's been follow-up CAT scans to try to determine the extent of spinal cord damage.

Thanks for whatever prayers you can lift up.

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jen said...

praying for your elder
May God heal him