Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anyone interested in Financial Peace University?

DaHubby just alerted me to this:

Are you tired of being in debt? Think you are in a hole you can't get out of? Are you a veteran? Have I piqued your interest with my gushing about Dave Ramsey? Are you interested in taking Financial Peace University?

In honor of Veterans Day yesterday, use this special email address (fpuvets(at)daveramsey.com) to get FPU online for F-R-E-E (a $99+ value). But, you must do it *right now* before close of business day Wednesday!!

Email the address above and inform them that you are interested and what branch you served in. Then, you will receive an email back indicate how to activate your FPU membership/class.

This offer includes ALL the DVD's, ALL the books, ALL the CD's, EVERYTHING!

So if you are a vet - THANKS!! And, take advantage of this offer NOW!

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