Monday, November 5, 2007

Cheap Entertainment! LOL

After a bit of trouble with the time change plus an overdose of Daddy's morning coffee and Daddy's birthday sweets, naptime for Pojke was elusive. It also made Flicka's nap useless when he started getting cranky later, wanting all the toys, all the living room, all the world to himself and the fighting and bickering began! LOL

So, in the interest of keeping the peace and keeping DaHubby sane, Mama thought quickly and came up with this: At Flicka's request, the "W" is for Walgreens, the "A" is for airport (Pojke's sitting on it), and "P" is for parking! *snort* Smart little bugger!

Too bad that an hour later, Flicka had pulled it all up (as Pojke had moved on to something else), wrapped it all around a dolly, and was playing "doctor"! LOL But, it was a whole more peaceful regardless! *wink*


sara said...

Great idea! How long did that take? Weren't the kids climbing all over you while you set it up?

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Nope! And, it took less than 5 minutes. Just stared by the door and "winged it"! LOL