Friday, November 2, 2007


IRL = "in real life"

How many of us ever make the leap to meet someone in real life that we met online?

In 2002, I made a friend at a message board for women struggling with infertility. After a year of getting to know each other online, I found out that her hubby worked nearby and they lived only an hour away. Using instinct, common sense, and discernment, I meet her back in 2003 when I was pregnant with Flicka. Public place. We both brought hubbys with us. Well, it's four years later, and I just talked to her yesterday for an hour! Both of her sweet babies are 3-4 months younger than each Viking and she's now pregnant with their third! LOL So, one for one.

And, you can now make it two for two! LOL Guess who called me this afternoon? Just to check on me and be the encourager she is? My head cheerleader: ANITA! LOL And, thanks to the wonders of Google Earth maps, I can also see (about) where she lives!

We spent a wonderful hour visiting, sharing stories, etc. It absolutely made my day!


jen said...

how cool
I want to
just hasnt happened it yet

Unashamed said...

Made my day too