Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WFMW: Backwards Day

Talk about an answer to prayer! I was delighted to check in at Shannon's place this morning and find out that Works For Me Wednesday was a "backwards" day! Instead of OFFERING good momma-tested ideas, we get to ASK for momma ideas to solve a problem/challenge around the house.

So, with the advent of "furnace season" comes a myriad of problems in the Viking household. Skin issues. Dry air issues. Those kind of things. But, what am I obsessing about? What am I racking my brain for? A frugal, DIY way to add air freshener to my furnace filter! LOL

When money was "looser" (isn't that the opposite of "tighter"? LOL), we use to buy something similar to this. It's basically a air freshener "pad" that inserts on or near your furnace filter that disperse the scent through your home as your furnace fan runs. Our favorite was the forest/evergreen.

Anyway, I'd really like anyone's ideas on how to make/create something similar at a DIY cost.

And, go to Shannon's post today and see if there's anyone who needs a bit of wisdom that you have tucked away in your "momma arsenal".


GiBee said...

Well -- I'm not sure if you could do anything cheaper than the cost of those pads, but here's an idea:

Try finding similar material in the fabric store (you may need to take one with you as a sample). Then, you can get essential oils from a health food store -- they come in all kinds of scents, including evergreen or pine scents(sometimes Wal Mart carries them in the craft section). Squeeze a few drops on the fabric you purchase (or batting, or mesh, or whatever), and then place it in the same location you normally would.

Or, I wonder if it would work just as well if you squeezed a few drops of essential oil on your actual filter? I'm going to have to try that!!!

Or, try using a dryer sheet, although, I can see the scent dissipating quickly with those. Or, maybe something soaked with Febreeze, although, then ... it would be wet, whereas with essential oils, it wouldn't, and a few drops goes a really long way.

How's that?

sara said...

When the air is dry and I want something smell-goody, I put cinnamon, cloves and whatever else into a pot of water and let it simmer slowly on the stove all day.

LeeAnn said...

If you're trying to cover a dust smell coming out of the furnace, call the heater guy to come clean it. It makes a difference in how well it works too.

I'd probably just put essential oil on the filter rather than buying fabric. The fabric will make the furnace work harder.

We had some asthma problems with one of our children several years ago so I'm really sensitive to adding odors. Lots of the air fresheners are actually poisons to our systems. Clean smells great, and you smell the dirt quicker if there's nothing to disguise it.