Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Mucking Thru Leftover Mess

Well, after more cooking than I've ever done in a short time and more dishes than I've EVER done in my life, we're finally digging out find a huge, largely ignored unless it had to do with Thanksgiving to-do list of things pending.

So, we will be spending at least today nursing the FOURTH cold already of this season for Pojke and me following the cancellation of anything that would have required us to leave the house today while Momma tries to do laundry, make phone calls, get work done whose deadline in 4 days, plus a lengthy list of random, miscellaneous stuff including cleaning, wiping noses, reading homework, some Ebay work/follow up, wiping behinds, cooking lunch, changing diapers, cleaning out kitchen junk drawers, making more phone calls, putting one or the other Viking in time out (AGAIN! *sigh*), putting Vikings down for WELL DESERVED naps, working on family Advent calendar, doing money stuff, ordering ink carts, and a homeschooling lesson for Flicka.

Did I mention that I woke up at 1am and 4am coughing and got out of bed at 5am? *shew* No wonder I'm tired! LOL

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