Saturday, November 24, 2007

30DOT wrap up

OK, folks! We're heading into Thanksgiving part II today here at the Viking Hus. We had the traditional dinner with DaHubby's family on Thursday. And, now my mom and step-dad are in town, probably packing up their stuff in a local hotel room.

DaHubby's prepped the "smoke bomb" for a smoked turkey which will go on the grill in about 2 hours. Anita's cranberry sauce was made yesterday along with a cool bread braid recipe I found to replace the traditional rolls.

We had
monkey bread with breakfast. The sweet potatoes go in the crock pot at 1pm. Then, between 2pm and 4pm, a flurry of activity as the traditional green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, in addition to orange-glazed carrots will be "whipped up" for a second dinner at 4pm!

Can you tell what I'm thankful for today? LOL

Anyway, how 'bout the wrap-up for 30 Days of Thanksgiving? Nearly 20 of us spent the last 30 days sending out notes and/or emails to tell those around us that we appreciate them and that we're thankful for them. That's almost SIX. HUNDRED. sweet thoughts and remembrances sent out into the word! That is SO cool!

So, for your wrap up (and this is only a suggestion), how 'bout sharing which the notes you sent out meant the most, will hopefully change a situation, or caused the biggest reaction?

For me - I sent one out to our "head elder" and his wife, Sis D. These folks are our financial mentors and like our "church parents." I had "coincidently" scheduled their note for what turned out to be the week after he was admitted to the hospital! He had broken, cracked and shattered three vertebrae in his back falling from a ladder while cleaning his gutters. The timing was truly all God's and Sis D made a point of mentioning how much they appreciated the note. And, when we went to go visit him Thanksgiving Day, the note was hanging on the bulletin board in his room!

So, what say you all? How did it go?


Shelby said...
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Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Shelby - if you ck back here, just wanted you to know....with keeping everyone's "internet security" in mind, I generally don't use any last names here. So, I tried to edit your post to remove the P's last name but my only option was to delete your whole comment. My apologies.

I am THRILLED you left a comment. And, flattered by your compliments with regards to me and my blog. *blush*

I passed along your good wishes to the P's already. Please make a point of coming to see us again soon so I can meet you in person!


Annikke said...

My two most meaningful notes that I gave was one to the pastor's wife who does so much with the children's ministry and then the other to my dear, sweet SIL who (unbeknownst to me) was having a terrible couple of weeks. She emailed me after she received my card to let me know how much she needed my card that day! It was so meaningful to us both!

GiBee said...

The three most meaningful notes I sent were to the two pastor's wives (they need so much encouragement ... it's hard to be a pastor's wife!) and to a friend of mine that has been battling depression for so long. It was nice to hear their joy over receiving the notes in the mail!

Angela said...

The 30 days of thanksgiving was such a blessing to me as well as the receiver.

My two most meaningful experiences were:
My grand-daughter and I baked pumpkin cookies and made a note of thanks for all that her two teachers. We were sent a card of thanks too. However, seeing the look on their faces and the tears of gratitude was such a blessing.

My other note of thanksgiving was to a dear friend of my late grandmother. Thanking her for the many years of loving and caring for her. She called me long distance to let me know how much she needed the card on that specific day.

I look forward to sharing in this experience again next year. Thanks for hosting the 30 days of Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful holiday season!