Friday, November 30, 2007

A year ago last week...

...I began the transfer of all my old posts from Faithprints to Blogger. Lisa, Sara, Anita, Debbie, Marilee - can you believe it? A YEAR! So happy Blogger anniversary to us all!

And, I just noticed while logging in the last couple days that I am up to FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY posts! *stunned silence* How did THAT happen? LOL

Must be my big bloggy blabbermouth! LOL

The last year has been amazing, transforming, uplifting, affirming, delightful, and many equally cool things thanks to the ladies listed above along with several others who have been "bloggy mentors", who had gotten here first and showed me the way. Kelly, GiBee, Peach, Laurel, Kari, and others...thank you as well!

My world is better for having "met" all of you!

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