Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What you don't wanna...

hear....a toddler suddenly start screaming the "I'm hurt" cry from the other room

see...when you walk in there's a fountain of blood cascading out of his mouth have to hold down a really strong nearly-30 pound kid who is screaming and thrashing and force him to hold ice and a red washcloth on his lip (praise God for the foresight of a red washcloth!) while nursing your own 1 inch by 1 inch burn from last night's dinner on your own right inner forearm. call a poor "helpless" (because he is 20 minutes away) daddy in the midst of above-described thrashing because you can't think straight to ask "how long am I suppose to try and stop the bleeding before I call the doctor?" while the injured child and his sibling stand crying and screaming into the phone as well. how to tell time when the suggested 15 minutes ticks by in smaller and smaller and slower and slower increments.

forget...God is in control, blood is NOT the end of the world, and that a fat lip is better than a trip to the ER any day!

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GiBee said...

OH MY WORD! I would have totally freaked out. Actually, I tend to surprise myself in emergent situations... you are totally right... God is IN CONTROL, sistah!