Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Small Blessing from Above

As part of our Financial Peace University class, we have small groups. We spent the first 45 minutes or so listening to that particular week's DVD presentation from Dave Ramsey and then spend an hour in "accountability groups" to discuss our questions, the questions from our text, challenges we've faced and/or goals we've achieved.

Over the last 2 months, our particular 10-15 cohorts have heard DaHubby's and my small victories as well as our frustration last week about how we were getting a little burnt out and we *really* missed eating out! LOL

So, last night as we left the auditorium and were en route to our classroom for small group, our small group leader approached us: "Someone asked me to give this to you."

It was a small envelope with the words "be encouraged" written on the outside. Inside was a gift card for Pizza Hut for $30!

Praise God! And, may He bless those who blessed us last night and in the past!


sara said...

things like that make me cry. Yeah, I know, I'm a big sap.

Reminds me of years ago (stop me if you've heard this one), my grandmother used to do anonymous 12 days of Christmas gifts. It was wonderful for the most part. One year, a jealous husband freaked out that a stranger was leaving little gifts for his wife. Poor Grandma - she never did the 12 days of Christmas again.

Berry Patch said...

What a blessing! :-)