Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our Walk in the Woods

A nearly perfect day..for DaHubby's birthday (since we'll spend most of tomorrow at church)...and for all us to spend together. And, we spent it here.

And, then DaHubby chose a couple dozen special-recipe no-bake cookies instead of a birthday cake. LOL Snuggling on the couch. Big time baby wrestling. And, DaGrandma stopped by so we parents ran out for a quick ice cream sundae.

A nearly perfect day. *wink*


jen said...

very cool and fun and educational
happy birthday to your hubby

Unashamed said...

Sigh - that sounds soooo nice! What a lovely, sweet and creative way to spend the day together.

Happy Birthday DaHubby!

GiBee said...

Well now ... a happy, yet belated birthday wish to your special hubby! He's got a special wife that we love too!! Lucky man!