Friday, November 2, 2007

Update #2: FPU

Wwweeellllll...Houston, we have a (small) problem. It's a case of just a lliittttllee case of over enthusiasm. Last month was a 5 pay month for us since DaHubby gets paid on Wednesdays. In my excitement to make some serious progress, I used a large chunk of this past final monthly paycheck to shore up that emergency account.

Wwweeellllll...I forgot one (or three) small things. *Eh-hem* We still have to eat. *cough* And, we still have our weekly transfers to various accounts. *sigh*

Yes, I wrote out a beautiful budget - but it would have helped if I had remembered to list FOOD and the transfers that cover our PROPERTY TAXES and LIFE INSURANCE that come out of every check.

So, to keep me accountable and so y'all don't think there's any hanky-panky going on with my savings ticker, I'm 'fessing up now. I'll be transferring back some of the moolah back into our checking account today to cover those "necessities" I somehow managed to forget about.

Consider me chastised. *blush* My "punishment"? I'll be listening to Dave Ramsey online archives most of the day (meant to be funny), I get to call someone and tell them I can't make the drive to my best friend's 40th surprise birthday party tomorrow (not funny), and I get to feel like crud because DaHubby's b-day is Sunday (he will also be 40) and we have nothing special for him (SO not funny). *sigh*

Just feeling icky, silly, and dumb.


Unashamed said...

Don't feel bad sweetie. I can't tell you how many times I've goofed on our budget and realized after the fact that we're going to come up short. Humbling, yes, but you'll make it through.

sara said...

oh, Beth. I so get it. Some months I don't know how we've made it through. I get nervous every time there's a surplus because it usually means I've forgotten something. Full disclosure? After all our bills are paid, we only have about $150 per month wiggle room and that's because I don't budget for gifts or travel or clothing or surprises because it depresses me. There is only one luxury left to cut from the budget (my gym membership) and it will go next week. We have one 18-year-old car, no cable,few convenience foods,etc. I usually feel blessed because our only debt is the mortgage. but sometimes i do venture into self-pity. The things that help are prayer, refocusing on our goals, reading the Tightwad Gazette and hearing stories of those less fortunate. (That last one usually leads me to repentence for my ingratitude.) Also reading positive stories like yours helps.

Don't feel bad. I'm sure you can just be extra special nice in honor of his birthday to Dahubby and he'll love it.

sara said...

I wrote that comment and then couldn't stop thinking about the fact that $150 a month is a lot of money - as long as I stay out of Target, which is pretty easy now that we're a one-car family.

The other thing that I'm feeling convicted about is that this ought not be where my treasure is. I don't know how else to articulate that. - but I'm feeling like I"ve tried to fill myself up with many things but I need to delight in the Lord.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Sara - it's important to be watching our thoughts and motivations but remember: God doesn't want perfection. He just wants our hearts.

And, just like the widow of Mark 12, we are only to give sacrificially from where we are. $150 may be the world to one person but "disposal income" to another.

It's not the amount; it is the heart/spirit in which it is given (or in our cases, in which it is spent).

sara said...

yup, you're right, Beth.

I was thinking about Matt. 6:20-21. Just so you know: I wasn't speaking out of guilt or shame but rather out of a desire for something better, y'know? For Him to be my All, my Everything. To keep temporal things in their right places. These children grow so quickly; this life passes so quickly...I'm not saying this well. I need a blog for this, I think. ;-)