Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Published Author

Our church is fortunate to have several pastors present in the congregation. Yet, we are still a pretty small church. We have the couple actually called to us - Pastor Don and Pastor Deb. Then, Pastor T has retired from the ministry at our church and is our pastor emeritus. Then, there are others who are certified pastors (from our organization as well as others) who call our little congregation their church home and step in occasionally to minister when the need arises like DaGrandpa. Another of these is Pastor Harold.

Pastor Harold and I share a fondness for books and have both dreamed of being paid for what we write. By God's grace, provision, and guidance, he achieved this dream first! Directly below our picture in the right column is a new button showing the full cover of Pastor Harold's first book! He's really "arrived" - it's listed on Amazon! Wow! LOL

Please feel free to check it out. Search for the title via my Amazon associates link directly under that button which should you decide to purchase it would provide me with a very small percentage of the sale!

Tack själv! (Thanks!)


sara said...

OK, Beth that's so cool but I am freaked (in a good way). Harold Wilson is the name of my Uncle for whom I named my son, Harry. He passed away last March.

sara said...

My Uncle passed away - not my son. Sheesh. I need to proofread.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

LOL I knew what ya meant! *wink*