Friday, November 23, 2007

What Black Friday? How 'bout a WHITE Friday?

What we woke up to today...

The joys of lake effect snow! LOL Forty minutes east of here - NOTHING! *wink* I know Anita
will understand. LOL


jen said...

how cold is it???

Unashamed said...

That's a lot more than we got, but we got it all yesterday morning/afternoon. It was minus 3 today. Chilly!

Lisa said...

Wow! I won't tell you our weather... I want to remain your friend! LOL!! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for your friendship!


barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Doggone, I'm so jealous. I miss that MI snow. I know, I know, my husband says I've lost it, many people agree. We haven't gotten snow down here in TWO YEARS, and when we went back home last year to visit family, there wasn't any snow then either!! :-(