Friday, November 2, 2007

Update #1: 30DOT

How is YOUR 30 Days of Thanksgiving going? We started 8 days ago with 15 participants. How have those first 120 notes gone? WOW! Think about that! One hundred and TWENTY grace-filled, Christ-motivated, thankfulness-acknowledging notes out in the world! Praise God!

My first week was a little rough - a day or two skipped and two sent the next day. I scheduled some for my church family on Sunday and Wednesday but then they were not there or we missed midweek service - that kind of thing.

I sent three online, two by mail, and three hand-delivered. One was to a new friend in my MOMS Club who has just made my experience there so much more fun and so much more rich. She's also the one who got us hooked up with FPU! I think I surprised her but she seemed glad.

The other one that really pulled on my heart was the one I sent to a friend home on furlough after four years serving as a missionary in Papua New Guinea. I started to send her an email and it just all flowed out of me:

"...and, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the sacrifices you make. Thank you for all the travel you are willing to undertake. Thank you for being obedient to God. Thank you for using your talents and blessings to glorify Him and bring Him to the world. Thank you for sticking with all the training, classes, commitments, etc. that drive a ministry such as yours. Thanks for being such a great example of a godly mom. And, thanks for sharing all your adventures with me. I am truly, truly blessed for our paths having crossed at LBT 8 years ago. What you have done and what you have accomplished is so amazing and a testimony to God working in your life and that of Danny's. I can imagine the road gets tough but you two (or should I say you four) just keep plugging along...running the race! I'm confident that God is smiling down over you.

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Hug those babies for me!"

Even reading it now, it doesn't seem like enough. She's such a "hero" to me - a hero of faith.

So, that was my week with 30DOT. How did YOURS go?


Angela said...

My first week was ok... I made some of my thank you's by calling some special people and telling them how much they mean to me.

Some of the notes were sent in snail mail and two were hand delived with a small homemade gift.

At times this was difficult due to the time constraints with my grandchildren.However, I was able to get it done during my free times.
I knew that it wasn't going to be an easy task because anything that we do from the heart has a price attached that usually involves our time.
I was the one receiving the greatest blessing by doing this.

Thank you for hosting this effort for us.
If you can't do all 30 days start now and just do what you will receive such a blessing !!!


Denise said...

Thank you so much for hosting this, it is so great. I have been sending you thank you emails, and snail mail. My heart is overflowing, bless you dear one.

Keeping up with Joneses said...

I have a good time dropping cards in the mail and sending e-cards. I am really enjoying 30DOT. lol

Anonymous said...

O Angela, I agree-what we do from the heart does has a price attached to it!

I have to confess to not doing this daily as I had planned. I did miss a few days. I have sent out 5. I have seen such a change in people and relationships already. It really touches someone when you reach out. I had one woman cry and tell me that she needed that so much because she was questioning God on that particular day asking if she was doing the right thing. She said it was confirmation that she needed. Kinda made me think, "Wow". I am going to try to be more faithful this week.


Berry Patch said...

I have to admit to not doing this daily. Today I sat down & did the second "batch" of cards. There were quite a few. I am actually hand-writing all of my notes that I am sending. I told my oldest son it was the "old-fashioned" way & he reminded me how easy e-mail might be. :-) I just love getting notes in the mail & this is a nice way of doing it. So far all have been mailed except to my MIL who lives just next door & my hubby. I'm sneaking his in to his lunchbox tomorrow. I am truly enjoying this a lot. Thanks for such a great idea!!! (Lisa from The Berry Patch)

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. I like the Old-Fashioned way!!