Friday, November 30, 2007

The Third Annual Viking Family Advent Calendar: updated

Can't believe that I started a tradition that I'm actually keeping! LOL You can read about our attempt last year here, here, or here.

Anyway, the way this works for us is that starting tomorrow, this Viking family will try to do one Christmas-y, family-oriented, frugal/free activity each day until Christmas Eve. I have one day still unaccounted for but the second third draft of the calendar looks like this:

1: Reindog Parade - Don't ask! LOL

2: put up tree

3: cut out paper snowflakes

4: make EZ ornaments probably from one of these ideas

5. MOMS Club holiday card hen party completing party. Too frugal this year to send out my historical mounds of cards but we'll be trying to send out a few! LOL

6. donation drop-off to local school. A teacher friend of mine asked for as many AA batteries for his scientific calculators that we could carry! LOL

7. sleep under tree (have to work the details out on this one yet! LOL)

8. Cmas craft at the library

9. go see the snowmen public art display (still trying to find the link...)

10. night walk w/ parents as sled pullers

11. putting candles in window (with explanation that this may have started as a Celtic/Gaelic [my background's] custom)

12. local kids' museum Cmas activity

13. St Lucia Day. BIG surprises in store for DaGrandpa with Flicka dressed up like the lovely girls in the top photo on this page.

14. make red/green Rice Crispie treats (one of DaHubby's favorites)

15. my family's Cmas party in Detroit - and we're having it here! Wa-hoo!

16. church Cmas party

17. make Scottish black bun

18. Parents As Teachers holiday open house/party

19. night drive to look at lights

20. make some Cmas cookies

21. drive thru local nature preserve, gardens dressed in lights for Cmas

22. baking a birthday cake for Jesus

23. watch Polar Express. Burned on DVD from last year's ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas. We can't watch these anymore "live" since we no longer have cable! LOL

24: go see a matinée, a "real" movie, Pojke's first around noon since DaHubby has this day off!

My goal was for this to be inexpensive and I noticed while typing this out that it is still pretty "money-" and "supply-heavy" so it may still be tweaked. But, what do y'all think so far?


sara said...

looks good. I'll be stealing some of them.

Anonymous said...

I think that MOMS Club card morning sounds like great fun!! :) - Mel

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Hey, Mel! Good thing it sounds like fun to's only AT YOUR HOUSE! *wink* See ya then if not before!