Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Saw an article in Family Fun magazine in October. They have held a contest in the past with regards to family-friendly ideas for volunteering. And, in the interest in starting the Vikings off early, I was crusing the pages looking for something I can do with a preschooler and toddler! LOL

Then, I saw
this one. And, with two of DaHubby's relatives currently fighting cancer, with losing DaHubby's brother to lung cancer in 2005, my mom being a melanoma survivor, in addition to the fact that we're within walking distance of our regional hospital facility, this seemed WAY doable.

Well, the phone rang about an hour ago and it was someone in the heirarchy of the radiation oncology department. They loved our idea! They figured that doing this for the in-patient folks would probably not be possible (due to isolation and food restriction issues) but that the outpatient folks who are able to come get treatment and leave might be interested. So, they are checking into it! Yippee!

Not to mention that I got a F-R-E-E ice cream maker on Freecycle! LOL So, other than the prohibitive cost of whipping cream, by the first of the year, we could be in business! I'm so geeked!


Unashamed said...

What a great idea! And this is a true "passing the torch" activity as well. We made a point of involving our kids in volunteer service from a young age, and they have all incorporated service into their lives. I think if it's just a part of what your family does, nobody has to "nag" them to serve, they just will.

sara said...

THAT is literally and figuratively "cool."

Marilee said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Our goal this Christmas is to give to others in relational ways rather than spending so much on monetary things we don't really need anyway, so we can give more of our financial blessings to those in need. Your goal here does both of those things AND teaches valuable life lessons to your precious, beautiful children! And you know what? I totally believe you and your family will be greatly blessed for your generous caring and giving!!!

Praying you and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving!
Love, Marilee