Sunday, December 3, 2006

Family Advent Calendar: Day Three!

Thought I would share how our project is going so far.

Friday we were suppose to go to our nearest big city to watch them light up their "city tree" in their main park. But, it started at 5:30pm and Da Hubby didn't get home early enough. So, instead we went to our local Dairy Queen which has a kids' play area. After an hour of "peppermint/chocolate" Blizzards and rolling around playing with the kids, we all came home and crashed.

Yesterday, Da Hubby and Viking #1 went to our local library for a "Build a Peppermint Cottage" activity (see above) while #2 and I stayed home and decorated the tree (see below) including adding our Swedish flag garland to the tree. Oh, btw, if I haven't bragged on Da Hubby enough this weekend...he hand-built that fence "from scratch" in an afternoon in the garage to keep #1 and #2 out of the tree! I just LOVE that guy!

Finally, today, we were planning on making Christmas ornaments with Viking #1. But, after church, lunch, and a family communal nap (yippee!), Da Hubby was asking if we had any "sweets" around. So, he agreed to leftovers for dinner when in return I offered to bake a chocolate cake from scratch after scrounging up all the ingredients. (My supplies have been running low pending a re-stock for the holiday cookie baking rush! LOL)

So, with a little help from #1, we just had homemade, from scratch chocolate cake with Da Grandma's homemade "seven minute frosting" - the only frosting Da Hubby will eat! He thinks he died and went to Heaven! LOL So, that was our "family thing" today - we all hung out in the kitchen for an hour or so! I baked, Da Hubby and the Vikings licked the spoons and bowls, we ate dinner and then we all had a slice of cake. Not a bad weekend if I do say so myself! :)


shortybear said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me sweety, bless you.

Debbie said...

Hmmmm.... what are the chances of you sharing the 7 minute frosting recipe? The toddler fence is great! I need one of those. This could turn into a great marketing idea for da-hubs!