Saturday, August 25, 2007

Read Together Wrap Up

In the end of June, I signed Flicka and I up for Jennifer's Read Together challenge. At the time, Flicka and I were immersed in our local library's summer reading program. We had stumbled onto a great first "chapter book" for little ones called The Treasure Tree by Gary Smalley and John Trent. I reviewed it here.

We had a wonderful time reading that book - making the transition from one=story-in-a-sitting to the "big girl" world of reading a chapter and ending with "well, we'll have to read again tomorrow night before bed to see what happens next!"

Unfortunately, when I tried to find similar early chapter books or the sequel to The Treasure Tree which is called The Two Trails, our library did not have any and kept directing me to novels WAY too advanced for Flicka.

So, while we did really well at reading a total number of books for the library's program, we only completed one of the several I sought out specifically for Jennifer's challenge. However, I have a longer list now of those type of books on my wish lists at and so maybe I can integrate them into our homeschool preschool experiment this fall.

Thanks, Jennifer! I hope we didn't let you down! *wink* While it ma
y not have ended up where we (or you) planned, it did start a journey we hope to continue!
And, for those who are interested, here is Mr. Linky list of the book reviews completed so far.

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Lisa said...

Wow! Leave for a week and you have all the fun! I'm glad to know that you aren't underwater and that in spite of all of your adventures, you are doing okay!!