Friday, August 10, 2007

Prayer Request

You know when the phone rings late at night, in the middle of the night, or very early in the morning, you *know* something's wrong? *sigh* Well, my dad called late last night. Normally, this is pretty normal. He seems to call around 10pm probably figuring the Vikings are sleeping and it's quiet enough to talk.

After catching up a bit (which DaHubby assures me is all about ME talking LOL), my dad finally said "well, the reason I called..." and my stomach dropped.

Due to my Dad's remarriage, I have twin half-sisters who turned 19 last January. They are my only siblings. Chelsea was in a serious car accident Wednesday around 3pm. While she appears to be stablized, she was serious enough at the scene to be Med-Flighted to a regional hospital and will be held a minimum of 3 - 5 days due to the internal bleeding they've identified. In addition, there was an injury to her knee that (while nothing is broken) will take some long-term healing. Her male friend passenger was not wearing a seat belt and received 2 broken ankles, a broken femur, and a broken hip. The lady and young child in the other vehicle were transported to an ER to be checked out but they were walking and such at the scene.

It appears Chelsea had the right-of-way through an intersection and the other woman pulled out in front of her causing Chelsea to T-bone her just in front of the lady's driver's door at full speed - there were no skid marks.

The young man friend, who was pinned by his legs in the car, was able to dial 911 and my step-mom since Chelsea was in and out of consciousness. My dad and step-mom live within 2 miles of where this occurred and arrived as the ambulances did. Someone contacted my other sister Caylee and had a friend drive with her to the scene. When those two arrived, that girlfriend found out that Chelsea's passenger was her brother! *sigh*

My sisters, despite their age, have had a hard couple of years. They've probably had to make more adult decisions in the last 5 years than I made before I was 30. Things were looking like they were turning around for them. Living independently and Chelsea was to start college this fall. Now, she has lost her car with no replacement and lost her waitress job and will be living at my dad's for several weeks.

Praise God she's alive as well as those others involved. Praise Him that she will only be in the hospital an estimate of days instead of weeks like her passenger. Praise Him that the other folks were not hurt any worse. But, please pray for her healing as well for those involved in one way or another. And, I worry that this may caused some issues especially with Chelsea's medical history.

It's likely that DaHubby and I will pack up the Vikings early tomorrow and head over to spend some time with that part of my family. Pray for our safe travel and that we speak the right words into this situation.


sara said...

praying. for physical healing, traveling mercies, and for the Holy Spirit to minister to your family.

Laane said...


I'm sure you'll all come through this.

Debbie said...


Unashamed said...

Praying, praying, praying for you all.