Saturday, August 4, 2007

Reunion Follow-up

Well, we're home...with a van full of leftovers and 2 absolutely filthy children in desperate need of a meal, a bath, and bedtime. Visited with many of DaHubby's family- even meeting a cousin, one of those that lives in Minneapolis, that I've heard TONS about but had never met until this point. She's a mom and a teacher - so, of course, we bonded immediately! LOL

She's an author (3 published books!), creative, and a crafter - one who admits quilting is a sickness and then recommended a "how-to" beginners quilting book to me! LOL We swapped email addresses so if she's reading this: it was SO wonderful to meet you, "PurpleShakespeare"! *wink*

Anyway, lots of pics were taken. But, I realized you probably wouldn't be interested in most of them! So, I give you my two new favorites:

DaGrandpa and Pojke

"Mr. Director, Miss Flicka is ready for her close up!"


Marilee said...

LOVE the pics!!! Those are totally great!!! And I enjoy your blogs!

Love, Marilee

Debbie said...

Yep! I think you captured her thought very well! : )