Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We interrupt this morning for....

...a FLOOD! *wink*

Spent part of the night sleeping on floor next to Flicka's bed through a bout of thunderstorms. Alarm went off at 5am. *ugh* DaHubby got up then to go to work and, for the first time in weeks, he didn't use the basement shower. Hindsight being 20/20...If he HAD gone downstairs he would have seen the several inches of water "oozing" across the basement floor. *sigh* Luckily, during the last basement cleaning, most everything went into "Tupperware" tubs.

Then, DaHubby arrived at work to find most of "the floor" (the machine shop area) under water as well. Luckily, his office and the engineering department was nice and dry! So, DaHubby is on his way home to wet-vac the basement. And, according to the "weather geeks" he works with, this is just the beginning. The storms are to start again shortly, the forecast is 2-5 inches an hour, and will last until late tonight.

So, while I had MUCH planned to get caught up on today computer-wise, we'll be turning the PC off shortly to "save" it from possible lightning-related issues. *wink* If the forecasters got it wrong (again - thanks to our unpredictable Michigan weather), I'll checkin later.

Take care all!


Marilee said...

You have your own indoor pool???!! LOL Sorry... couldn't resist. A little humor is usually good but I know flooding is NO JOKE!!! And I'm really sorry for your wet basement and everything else that's going on. You seem to have the right perspective though, with faith in Jesus is's much easier not to get too upset about these things.

Thank the Lord that our stay here on earth is temporary and our permanent home will never have flooding! Also... SO thankful that the Lord is always with us through everything!

Praying for you!
Love, Marilee

Debbie said...

Oh no! It would be nice if you could share a little bit of that rain! :)

It's really hot here and not much rain in the forecast at all, but we are depending on the Lord to change that. In fact, He has already given us showers that were a complete suprise to those not praying for them! :)