Monday, August 13, 2007

Weighing the Options

I'm at a place again where I'm on the fence between two options: taking a bloggy break to focus on several things on my heart or using the blog to "get it all out" so to speak.

My relationship with my parents.

After reading and finishing "The Five Love Languages of Children" over the last week, I've been re-thinking my interactions with the Vikings as well as DaHubby, my parents, etc.

And, speaking of reading, I'm finding myself wishing not only for my occasional "quiet time" but to spend it absorbed in a good book or more time in THE Good book.

My pastor's messages and recent series about Christian character have convicted me...hard!

And, finally, the issues with my sister are hard for me to think of without becoming upset.

So, while I'm sorting all this out...please be patient if I don't seem as "there" as usual.

And, while Pastor's messages have showed me some selfishness I need to work on, due to the scatterbrained results of my ADD, I may just have to be "self-focused" a little longer...if ya know what I mean. *wink*


Karen said...

I just started working through the FLL of Children workbook. It really is a great resource. I hope you can sort through everything quickly and figure out what's best for you!

sara said...

hey, this has been on my mind too lately.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I read the "Five Love Languages" and the "Five Love Languages of Children". It was such a huge help to me. What we learned through that book opened up communication in our home and marriage. I am glad you are gleaming from it as well. I understand all too well how relationship "stuff" can go with parents and siblings. I have gotten to the point that I "plead the blood of Jesus over my relationships with my parents, siblings, and others" each day.

Enjoy your extra time in the Word. Whenever I feel the need I will double and triple up on my Word time. The Word works wonders, doesn't it?! Just like a medicine. I take it like an IVB drip. *giggles*

Have a blessed day! ((Hugs))