Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Upside of All That Rain

If one was to look for the silver lining in last week's deluge, it would probably be THIS:

These are headed into the crockpot for a "slow cooker pepper steak" recipe for dinner tonight. Can everyone say "yummmmmm..."? *wink*

And, did I mention that I have about 2 dozen more of those tomatoes, about 5 dozen Roma tomatoes, 2 dozen green peppers, 3 dozen onions, a half bushel of peaches, and another 2 dozen jalepenos to can/dry/freeze/braid/string up? LOL And,it was WHOSE idea to have a garden and learn to can veggies? That would be ME! Ugh!

Gonna be a busy rest of the week and weekend!


Peach said...

Yummy! Those veggies look delish! Have as much fun as you can preserving all that wonderful fresh produce. You'll be so thankful come fall and winter.

Unashamed said...

Nice! How's your basement coming along btw?

Anonymous said...

I so wish you lived next door! I want to learn to garden. I love the pictures of your veggies. Makes my nouth water just to see them. (Did I mention I am way overdue for a trip to the grocery store?) I am going to check out that recipe. It sounds yummy.

Have a great day! ((Huggers))

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

We are having tomato issues. We have a million of them, but they aren't turning gradually. I think I'm going to have 10 lbs all in one day.