Friday, August 17, 2007

One last thing...

...DaHubby wants some honest feedback on the design of our family/business website. He's doing some tweaking and asked me to post if y'all had time to go check it out and tell him what works and what doesn't. Appreciate it!


sara said...

first, I have to say, "What a cool business!" Anyway, I didn't check everything, but the boat building button links to a (lovely) picture of tuscarora. Is it supposed to? The custom caned seats for the canoes is such a great idea! I hope you guys have a lot of success with this business.

Rachel said...

Good luck with the business. I didn't check out everything, but the photos I saw are beautiful!

Here are a couple editing suggestions:

* "Note: These images maybe minimally cropped to fit the selected size also unless requested the mark will not be included on the photo."

- Change spelling to MAY BE
- Make into two sentences - add a period after SIZE and capitalize ALSO
- Add commas around UNLESS REQUESTED

* "Sorry about all of the clutter as this site is still in its beginnings."

- Don't apologize! Don't point out any negatives on your site! :)

* Add a way to easily get back to the home page on every page.

* "I've selected a few of my prints to offer for sale most of them can be ordered in any size up to 30" wide."

- Make into two sentences by adding a period after SALE and capitalizing MOST.

* Reading your first page, I was confused about the purpose of the website. If it is a business website (which I think is the intention) the information on this page should be more precise, clearly stating what can be found on the site.

I have my own site for a business I started in February ( I know nothing about programming but worked with a friend on developing my website in exchange for doing her twins birthday party.

You did an excellent job setting up the site. Good luck!