Thursday, August 16, 2007

BWah-Ha-Ha-Ha *updated*

That would be DaHubby's evil cackle as he sees with satisfaction that I've finally "seen the light" and have been "forcibly" converted from Internet Explorer to Firefox.

Have I mentioned before I'm not really good with change? *wink*

Having my own personal "computer geek" in-house has its perks. While I have an often long laundry list of things to keep updated and to check to our computer running at maximum capacity (anti-virus, malware, pop up blocker, Windows updates, de-fragging, back-up burning, etc.), we can still get hit occasionally with some kind of "internet nasty".

Well, my hesitancy to make the change to the ultra geeky less virus risky Firefox might have let in a Trojan horse which attacks through all versions of IE. *sigh* Now, someone apparently can access our system from a remote location somewhere. And, DaHubby's multiple years of computer hipness has not been able to (YET) find a fix.

This may be why Debbie and some others have been having trouble getting parts of my blog to load. This Trojan horse was somehow introduced via email and/or blog comment (probably one from August 9th) and appears to inserted html code into any page we have edited recently in Microsoft Front Page. Some browsers will not allow pieces of my page to open because that code is inserted. So, Debbie, it's actually a GOOD thing...for you! *wink*

Now, as all you Mac users smile again smugly, I will further confess that this last internet battle has caused the ever-PC loyal DaHubby to actually consider buying a Mac the next time around.

So, we currently are backing up e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g on an external hard drive so that DaHubby can attempt some more risky attempts to fix this problem...with the end result being a possible "clean sweep" of the hard drive and re-load the mounds of software we've installed.

On the positive side, I have this cute little kids-themed "skin" for my browser and this cool "ForecastFox" add-on that give me a current weather satellite, temp, and forecast for my area. And, oh, did I mention? Firefox provides that MS Word-like red squiggly line for misspelled words here in my Blogger composing window? Sweet!

Maybe change isn't so bad after all...LOL

*updated: DaHubby read the post above and feels you may worry that visiting here may infect you as well. He wants me to reassure EVERYONE that WE ARE NOT INFECTING ANYONE ELSE. This is contained within our home and our personal PC-fortress.*


Unashamed said...

what's the trojan he's trying to remove? I'll ask our techs here if they know the fix for it...

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Anita, I just emailed ya two forwards from DaHubby with description of what's going on. Thanks so much for the offer! You rock!