Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And God remembered (the Vikings)...

Genesis 8:1: ...and every living thing, and all the animals that [were] with him in the ark. And God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided.

Well, "subsided" would be an accurate word but it implies that the WATER did all the work! LOL So, three hours of scramlbing and wet-vac-ing abd now three fans blowing a minor hurricane through my basement and most things are back to normal.

Pojke was scheduled to go to DaGrandparents today - check

Flicka and I were to attend a MOMS Club function - nope!

Flicka and I were to go grocery shopping afterwards - nope!

Flicka and I were to go to the pizza party at the library at 2pm to celebrate finishing her first summer reading program...and I can't wake the poor thing up! Apparently, being awake and scared all night from thunderstorms and getting up at 6am was just too much for her. So, after four attempts to roust her off the couch, I'm gonna let the poor thing sleep.

DaHubby worked his tail off this morning, the three of us ate lunch, and then he returned to work around noon. So, I sit here in a quiet house...finally! And, I guess when Flicka wakes up, we'll go to the grocery store then.

Anyway, took a few minutes just now to post some odds and ends on Ebay. And, if anyone is interested, I will give free shipping to anyone who ends up winning the auctions for the bracelets my family and I made to sell at Relay For Life. Better pics are at the Ebay links below:

Here's the ones in adult sizes and here's the one for the kids' sizes. Just mention upon winning that you frequent my bloggy home and I'll take care of the rest.

Also, while I'm thinking baout it, a mea culpa and another reason I really dislike having ADD:

I just found today the email from my giveaway winner that indicate her choice of picture. *ugh* It's been sitting in my in-box for ELEVEN days! *sigh* Nice way to start a business. So, I'm off to bug DaHubby via IM to start figuring out how to get Diatribal her free picture. And, if she's reading this, again - I am SO sorry!


Christina said...

Glad to hear that the flooding has subsided, with a little help from you and the fans!

We got lots of rain and storms last night, but our house sits up on a hill, so no flooding here. Let's hope it stays that way because all the stuff in our basement is still in cardboard boxes.

Hopefully you'll stay dry from here on out.

Debbie said...

I'm glad the worst seems over for you. I imagine after all the work you've had to do that you are exhausted as well! Hope you have a better week!

Diatribal said...

No big deal at all!! Hope y'all didn't have too bad weather today!