Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bob Villa's Got 'Nothing On DaHubby

Good grief, he's been busy! LOL He's been on a home improvement tear the two weeks.

Basement bathroom re-plumbed? Check.
Bathroom sink faucet replaced? Check.
Grass cut and garden cleaned up? Check.
Concrete (from old porch foundation) moved. Check.
Begin our business website redesign. Check.
Pulled up stinky post-flood carpet. Check.

And, I'm sure I've forgotten other projects.

And, we've talked about having him build another raised planting bed for next summer's garden and painting Pojke's room...which is still the lovely pastel purple we painted for Flicka when we moved in! LOL

While I haven't seen him much and despite my worrying he's not getting enough sleep, I'm SO proud of him! He done good! *wink*


Dina said...

Is the old porch ready? can we see the finished project.

Anonymous said...

He has been working hard!!!
ummm, could ya send me some of the water he's been drinking?? *wink,wink*