Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little discouraged

From a well meaning family member: "It would be so nice for her to be around other kids."

After a particularly hard day of behavior: "We need to put her butt in preschool!"

From seemingly everyone: "Why would you want to homeschool?"


Hard to stay motivated with weeks and weeks of reviewing and ordering curriculum, finding/writing goals, "scheduling" and breaking down everything into appropriately smaller pieces, writing lesson plans, getting a space ready, getting supplies, etc. with all this "chatter" around me.

And, we're due to start a week from today.


Dina said...

I would love to homeschool my children but it is illegal here and we have to send them to school. School starts around the 24th September and I am not looking forward to it , this year my little man starts kindergarden and I will miss him very much!!

I say well done to you for choosing homeschool and goodluck.

Anonymous said...

(((Big Hugs)))

Debbie said...

Awww.... you're only experiencing normal emotions. When I decided to homeshool my daughter I had discouraging comments made to me. These did not help my already emotional state of wondering "am I doing the right thing?" and "am I capable?" The comments only re-enforced my doubting, but in the end I went ahead with my plans. Everyone will not agree, but we, as parents choose to do what is right for OUR families.

This too shall pass! :)

Karen said...

I've been fortunate enough not to have many nay-sayers actually say anything to my face, but I'm sure things have been/are being said when I'm not around. I know that we're making the best choices for the kiddos and that helps me stay true even on days when I want to drive down to the local public school and throw them out of the car.

I would definitely look for a local support group just so you have some like-minded people who can help you see the benefits when the chatter makes things blurry.

And, if you haven't read I Saw The Angel in the Marble, try and get your hands on a copy of it. It's about the philosophy behind homeschooling as a way of life and not simply an educational choice. It reinforces that homeschooling is about building relationships within the family and things of that nature. It always helps me to re-read it when I'm feeling unsure of myself.

I could go on, but I'll stop now. You are also welcome to email me if you have any questions or just want some reassurance from someone else.