Friday, August 17, 2007

The Harvest Is In! LOL

As I mentioned before, the up side to having all that rain last week was our garden going CRAZY with bounty. So, DaGrandma and I have made a date for today to can and can and can and can all of the resulting tomatoes that we picked last night. The scary thing is - we picked about HALF of what will be coming in!

So, I give you the first big Viking harvest of 2007:

We had three raised planting beds. The center one was ALL tomatoes. We planted about 6-8 Roma tomato plants that you see right in front of DaHubby. What ya can't see behind the "cuke cage" is that the 4-6 beefsteak plants are TALLER THAN ME!

There are SO many Romas and they are packed REALLY tightly. We've had to re-stake these plants several times because they are just fallin' over with fruit!

I was afraid the "Roma monster" was gonna eat Flicka! LOL

Our harvest just last night: 2 grocery bags FILLED with Romas and one of beefsteaks. Plus, a couple onions and a couple final cukes.

HEY! That's one less tomato come January! *wink*

Oh, yea - I found these NINE babies before we got started on the tomatoes

These veggies destiny? be boiled and canned! We're ready for DaGrandma!


Stephanie said...

Wow your plants look great! Hope the canning goes well!

Tarrah said...

Oh My Goodness! Your plants did amazing, Hope you had fun canning :) I have never tried canning, maybe someday

The Happy Housewife said...

You were not kidding, that was quite a harvest last year! Thanks for sharing it with me, I have hope for next year!