Thursday, August 9, 2007

Playing Catch Up (Again)

Well, about 2 day post-flooding, my mom and a friend drove the couple hours drive over here to spend some time with Vikings. Yet, I still have every window, door, and crack of my house open along with 3 fans, the house fan amd 4 ceiling fans running in addition to two Ozone machines and a de-humidfier running and it still smells awful in here. *sigh*

So, my apologies for been absent from posting and commenting...I'm hoping to dig out this weekend.

Also, an FYI: I'm aware that my blog banner pic is not displaying. Apparently, it is the only "victim" so far of our domain transfer. And, DaHubby will be "on the case" when he arrives home tonight (I hope).

Blessings on everyone's day!

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Unashamed said...

I figured you were probably busy with the clean up. Have you called your insurance company? This happened to my boss back in the fall and his insurance company wanted to replace the floor etc. because of the possibility of mold. They ended up replacing it all.