Sunday, August 19, 2007

Playing "Hooky" Today *sigh*

Woke up today to find... had rained all night and now the basement starting to leak again. Two puddles in diagonal corners indicate a possible problem...ya think? LOL

...that the "quick" plumbing fix in the downstairs "mini-bath" has turned into a major re-plumbing project including the stall shower, toilet, and the water feed for the fridge's ice maker. *sigh*

...that Flicka's right eye is swollen shut from some kind of bug bite yesterday.

Sooooo, we're gonna stay home from services today to hold down the fort and keep up with these issues.

Blessings on your Sunday and your worship of Him. Praise Him!


sara said...

oh Beth, I'm sorry. I love your sweet attitude through all of this water.

Unashamed said...

Reading this now after church...but you were prayed for today! We always pray for those who are unable - for whatever reason - to be in church. I love it when I pray for somebody and I didn't even know it until later. God is so cool that way!