Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank

Inspired by Peach...

Short and no particular order...

1. For a wonderful, sweet, slow, at-home evening last night with the Vikings - to-do lists, dirty dishes, unfolded laundry put aside, couch-snugglin', chips and dip, and a VHS of the original "Lady and the Tramp."

2. For a basement that now smells like "Ozone" and not cat pee. We've got 90% of the carpet pulled up and the basement's a mess but no cat pee smell.

3. For the report from my dad that during a follow-up MRI/CAT scan (don't remember which) on my sister 4 days post-accident the doctors could not find the original laceration to her spleen! Praise God for this healing!

4. For the former pastor of DaGrandparents, who went home to Heaven last Sunday night while surrounded by his congregation who, having decided to have "service" at his bedside instead of at church, we're singing praises as he met Jesus face to face. Not to be flip, but what a way to go!

5. For a church family and physical family that believes in the power of prayer!

6. For a good report from my mom's dermatologist. I haven't mentioned it here before but my mom is a melanoma survivor. She found another spot recently and the doc reports that the post-biopsy results show no new cancer!

7. For an auntie who loves us and the Vikings so much that even a broken nose couldn't shake it! LOL

8. For a hubby that absolutely works his tail off but is still willing to take a half-day off to take all of us to the County Fair - even if we were rained out! LOL

9. For the chance (which I have to reschedule still) to go "upstate" with just Flicka to see my friend of 30+ years and her two daughters for a girls-only weekend.

10. And, finally, for the One who gives me strength, guidance, peace, salvation, and SO much more! May I continue to strive to bless Him and honor Him with my life.

Join Peach or Iris and the ladies at Thankful Thursday to see what others are thankful for.


Nise' said...

Amen to the power of prayer!!! I am a living testament to its power. Praise the Lord for all the good medical reports. Hope you reschedule that girls weekend soon!

Melanie said...

I love your list! I really liked #1- it's good to put the to-do lists aside once in a while and just hang out with the kids!

peach said...

Great list, Beth. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm always encouraged.