Saturday, August 18, 2007

Canning Math - updated

(Updated: I'm using this for my Pass The Torch Tuesday as well. I'm blessed that my mother-in-law takes the time to show me so many of her skills that seem to be less popular today with homemakers. Cooking. Sewing. Canning. She's passing a torch to me! See Kelly's post today for more torches being passed.)

2 - the number of large pans boiling in my house for 8+ hours

5 - the number of hours spent standing while filling pots, boiling water, dumping tomatoes, peeling tomatoes, and doing it over and over and over...

1 - extra run to the hardware store for more lids and rings

7- the number of jars at a time we could "cook"

6 - the number of 45-minute "cycles" to "cook" the jars

Final totals?
11 quarts of Beefsteaks
22 quarts of Romas
1 broken jar while cooking

2 where the seal never "took"

And, I'm NEVER gonna wanna see another tomato for a while! *wink*
Unfortunately, there's probably at least another 25 quarts near-ripe, waiting for me in the garden! LOL


sara said...

WOW! This was your first time too?

You're blessed to have someone to do it with you.

Lots of work but think of winter!

Laane said...

Well, you can freeze them... eat them... make them to soup...

Great job.. it will be great to open a can in the middle of winter!

Dina said...

wow, that's great, I do them from time to time too. My husband is the one who has got me into doing this as he enjoys it ;) he says he relaxes whilst cooking!

Dina said...

oh one question what do you do with the green peppers??

Kelly - PTT said...

That's so cute!! Love it!

If only I could be that ambitious;)))