Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Big Time Baby Wrestling

This is a term DaHubby and I coined once Flicka was old enough to romp and wrestle around on the floor with one of us. We'd raise our hands and say "big time baby wrestling"and Flicka would run towards us and flop into our laps.

Well, whoever it was before I had kids (and thought I knew SO much) told me boys are more physical and just "different" than girls and I argued that was silly? I apologize! LOL Because before Pojke could walk, he could crawl *really* fast toward whoever was down on the floor yellin' "big time baby wrestling."

We found out yesterday that maybe we had gone overboard! LOL

Aunt S and Uncle J watched the Vikings while DaHubby and I went over to my dad's home this past weekend. Due to where and why we were going, we thought it best to make arrangements for an adult-only trip. We picked them up that evening thinking everything had gone smoothly and uneventfully.

Until yesterday.

DaGrandma (who was watching Flicka) called while I was out running errands with Pojke.

"Did you hear from 'S' yet today?" she asks with a chuckle in her voice.

"No, why?"

She goes on to tell me how Aunt S went to the doctor Tuesday for a follow-up on a problem with her leg. She mentiones to her doc that her nose is bothering her.

"Did you know your nose is crooked?"

And, he sends her for x-rays!

Come to find out...Aunt S picked up Pojke at some point Saturday and sat him on her lap with the plan to start rocking him to sleep for a nap. Apprarently, Flicka wasn't done playing with Pojke yet and was egging him on while he was trying to settle into Aunt S's lap. At some point, he leaned forward (to probably yell in Pojke-speak "leave me alone, I'm tryin' to go to sleep" at Flicka), and then came back fast...hitting Aunt S in the her a bloodynose...and BREAKING her nose! *sigh*

Eighteen months old! Oh, and Aunt S has an appointment tomorrow with a plastic set her nose. *sigh*

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Unashamed said...

No. WAY! That's one strong kid. You better keep this story to yourselves or you're going to have trouble finding babysitters, lol!

"Big Time Baby Wrestling" sounds like a hoot!