Friday, August 24, 2007

Anyone seen a very large boat and a rainbow?

We had *another* thunderstorm pass through last night and today. So, we're up to a FOURTH flooding/oozing of our basement. The backyard is so sopping wet that the ground is starting to mildew and get slimy! *sigh* Even splashing in puddles is losing its charm for the Vikings!

For those that emailed or commented and asked, yes, I did get a "full night's" sleep (about 6.5 hours) last night. Pojke spent yesterday with DaGrandparents (and they visited the aunt whose nose Pojke broke- her corrective surgery was Tuesday). So, Flicka and I "took it easy" and spent the day together.

We went to our local old-fashioned "five 'n' dime" and picked up beads and lanyards for $1.50. Then, we used our membership to our local kids museum for about 1.5 hours. Then, came home and made "cookies" although they were from a Betty Crocker bag! Flicka madeherself a necklace and bracelet while her oodles of cookies were baking. Then, she took a glorious 2 hours nap during which I got a few things done, had lunch, and got a 45-minutes nap in myself!

We were pretty much confined to the house last evening due to the crazy-beautiful thunderstorm last night so we all just snuggled up with bowls of microwave popcorn and Momma's homemade low-cal shakes (with added fruit for the Vikings) and watched recorded America's Funniest Home Videos 'til bathtime.

Unfortunately, I now have two-days worth of stuff to do and it's still raining off and on and the Vikings have a bit of "cabin fever". Not a great combination! LOL So, we're going to have lunch, run to the post office, run off some energy at the Dairy Queen playscape, and then come home for naps so I can finish the laundry, work on curriculum, work on the MOMS Club newsletter, and do my Bible reading (I'm studying a psalm a day 'tilthe end of the year!)

Have several posts backing up again...I finished another book, an earlier reading challenge is over, and I found a cool fundraiser that's coming up I want to give a plug to. So, I'll be back ASAP.

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