Tuesday, June 19, 2007

97 Hours From Now...

...is the beginning of our county's Relay For Life weekend. And, my in-laws are on a crafty, baking, planning, and follow-up phoning whirlwind! LOL You've probably noticed the ticker up above reminding me that I am now officially in panic mood to help get everything done!

As I've posted before
here and here, we lost DaHubby's Big Bro D to lung cancer on February 28, 2005. He was a non-smoker who had run his first marathon 4 months earlier and he was only 44.

So, in preparation for "Relay in Paradise - no one is an island in the fight against cancer" theme, tropical colored shirts should be in anyday. Lots of tropical decorations have been sought out and hid away for decorating our weekend home-away-from-home on our assigned little square of dirt at the county fairgrounds.

There are a record number of teams this year - over 100. Our team page seems to indicate we have a long way to go but it is only recording our online donations. (By the way, thank you again, Anita, for supporting me and being my only online donation! LOL) Our team actually is #22 out of the 95 teams registered online for fundraising totals so far with only 7 team members!

So, to add even more to that total, t
wo of my sisters-in-law, a niece, and I made over 20 bracelets out of UV sensitive beads last night. We threaded and knotted 'til we ran out of cording and still have beads left! *sheesh* But, while we were putting them together, one of my niece's friends called, heard what we were doing, and ordered three! LOL Praise God! I'm considering ordering more beads since it appears these are going to be a "hot item"! *wink*

And, I have 7 more pairs of flip-flops to make sometime in the next 4 days! *wipes sweat off forehead*

But it is all for a great cause....in memory of great brother...being done by a great family! I'm so blessed. If you feel led, please click
here to donate. If not, please pray that this event is successful and that their participation in this event heals this family's broken hearts even if just a little. I appreciate it!

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