Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

With thanks to DaHubby who was completely responsible for this project while I corralled his "helpers" out of his tools, the paint stripper, the primer, etc.! LOL

We have four large wonderful windows on the side of our "long-as-opposed-to-wide" ranch-style home. They run along the driveway but unfortunately are on the south side of the house. And, I say "unfortunately" since between the old single pane windows which leak miserably and the baking afternoon sun every. single. day., we can't keep the house warm in the winter OR cool in the summer with the current windows.

So, while we initially planned on spending ALL of our tax stimulus check on debt ala Dave Ramsey and our debt snowball, we have just received our new budget amounts for our gas and electric bills - both of which went up significantly. *sigh* So, we'd had it - at least one set of windows it was!

So, I give you...the before:

And, the after:

And, let me say...I am so so so so fortunate to have a crafty, talented, skilled, and handy hubby! *big smile*

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Smarty Pants Mama said...

The windows look BEAUTIFUL!!!


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Sam said...

the new windows look lovely - and you can rest assured in the knowledge that they'll keep the rain out, not so sure about the sunshine - not much you can do about that except curtains!!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Very nice, way to go DaHubby!

Gray Matters said...

Great looking windows. You're right, it is so nice to have a handy husband.

Hadias said...

Good for you.

A handy husband...priceless.