Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A grocery trip

I get asked regularly how I'm feeding the four of us on about $60 per week. DaHubby has been incredibly supportive with my efforts to keep us within our budget allowence. And, he is really encouraging and thankful when I make my three, four, sometimes 5 grocery store trip (most times w/Vikings in tow) each week as I chase the sales to keep us under our alloted amount.

Most weeks he seems throughly surprised by the amount of food I'm able to bring home for that amount. And, he has been suggesting each Wednesday for the last few weeks for me to take a pic.

Now, after seeing on some of my favorite frugal blogs who post their grocery treasures how much THEY are able to get, I don't feel like I'm doing very well! LOL But, in the interest of honoring my hubby's request to show off a bit (LOL), here's how I did today:

All this plus what I already have in the house (which isn't much of a stockpile...yet!) will provide us with seven dinners, all the Vikings home lunches as well as DaHubby's brown bag work lunches, and the Vikings' and my breakfasts with a few snacks and lots of "finger-ready" fruits and veggies.

The dinner menu for the week is:

crockpot chicken w/mashed potatoes, low-fat gravy, veggies, and a salad

leftover chicken-veggie pot pie

grilled pork chops and corn on the cob

leftover pork on tostadas with chips and homemade guacamole
kielbasa stew (think warm German potato salad a little soupier with chunks o' meat)

turkey BLT's w/ black bean soup

homemade pizza

This is from a four-trip week where I scoured Aldi's, Meijer's, Hardings (a local Spartan brand store), and Martins (a regional chain). This has been particularly hard the last few weeks as DaHubby's diet is changing from comfort/convenience food heavy to low-fat, lots of produce, and nearly meat-free.

I spent just under my adjusted amount of $67.50 today and I have one one-dollar bill and some change left over!
So...tada...that's how I've done least for this week!

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