Friday, June 20, 2008

Spring Reading Thing wrap up

I just can't believe that it's been over 10 weeks since Katrina started her 2008 Spring Reading Thing. It just doesn't seem possible. And, as a former book nut who had time to devour multiple books a week, I'm kinda embarrassed how this challenge turned out! LOL

But, since one of my New Year's resolutions for 2007 was to read ONE book a month, I guess by that standard I did all right! LOL

In my initial post, I set a goal of nearly all non-fiction - a change that provided a large challenge. My original list included:

The Real Mary: Why Evangelical Christians Can Embrace the Mother of Jesus by Scot McKnight which I am one chapter from completing.

Healing for Damaged Emotions by Davids Seamands which I completed.

Debt-Free Living by Larry Burkett Did not start this one yet.

Fear of the Lord by John Bevere Did not start this one yet either.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Nope - didn't start this one either.

Either a Maria Montessori biography OR The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court The good news for this two? I'm in the middle of a Montessori how-to book called The Mommy Manual PLUS I completed the doorstop that was the one about the Supreme Court.

Maybe a Lynn Truss Nope didn't get to this one either.

I also received Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner via which I had been waiting on for a while so I read that as well even though it wasn't on my original list.

So, for my final tally: 3 completed, 2 in progress/nearly done, and 4 "misses". *sigh* But, it's a lot more reading than I was doing from Christmas 'til March! LOL The Nine held me up for a while - it took nearly a month but it was fascinating.

For some better success stories than I was able to relate (LOL), go to Katrina's Mr. Linky today and see how the other participants did!


Eva Wallace said...

I'm impressed, actually. I think I forgot how to read. Sure do miss it...
Thanks for your joke on our contest - I love it!


Karen said...

I did the Spring Reading Thing last year and was sorely disappointed in myself then. I was not even up for trying this year *hangs head in shame*

Your tally isn't bad! I would have that same kind of challenge with fiction...non-fiction I can breeze through like nobody's business!

Katrina said...

Hey, don't worry about it Beth. That was a lot of nonfiction on your list! You still did some reading this spring and that's what counts! Different seasons of our lives mean different capacities for reading. Thanks again for being part of the challenge!