Monday, June 9, 2008

Out of Respect

...for DaHubby's feelings, I removed the post from this morning which included me whining away about how stressed out I am this week. While we had talked about everything in the post, he was discouraged that I had nothing positive to say about the situation and then had shared it with the bloggy world to boot.

Thanks to those of you that got the chance to post the sweet and supportive comments. I appreciate it.

A modern psalm...I like it, Carmen! Thanks for the perspective.

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Karen said...

You are very honorable to respect him in that way. I tried to post my comment this morning and blogger wouldn't let me. I copied it and saved it though, to come back and post later tonight. Since that post is gone, I'll share here.

I can completely relate to feeling alone like you have to do it all yourself. Times when dh is traveling are awful :(

From a practical standpoint, could you put off the grocery changes until you have a better handle on all the other changes? About two years ago I was making all our bread, adding ground flax to all kinds of dishes and cooking from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. All very healthy, good things. Then our lives took a turn for the hectic. And, while I hated it, the cooking from scratch and making everything healthful had to take a backseat.

I have decided that I can't feel guilty about convenience foods when I'm struggling to stay ahead of the game in all other areas. It's one of those things that nags at me and I still rarely buy store bought bread (we just eat other things ;)), but I forcibly let go of the guilt that I was killing us all slowly by letting the kids eat preservatives. After all, we were raised with Little Debbies, frozen pizzas, and white bread and we survived :)